South Dakota

Guyana (British Guiana at the time) was at the forefront of circuit racing in the Caribbean. Motor-cycle race meetings were held on the sands of No 63 Beach in 1955, before drag racing started at the abandoned US Air Force Bomber Dispersal Area at Atkinson Field on what is now the back straight of the South Dakota home of the GMR&SC. Located behind the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, around 25 miles from the capital Georgetown, it was one of the early venues for international competition on two and four wheels, when BOAC Team Speedbird visited in 1970. Three circuits (small, medium and large) were created, of which the middle one remains in use.

Best laps - Qualifying

Zane Maloney                               32.748s (16/11/19)

Mark Maloney                               32.978s (10/11/18)

Calvin Ming                                  32.986s (10/11/18)

Stuart Maloney                             33.100s (10/11/18)

Kristian Jeffrey                             33.200s (10/11/18)

Mark Vieira                                  33.394s (10/11/18)

Luke Bhola                                   33.543s (10/11/18)

Sean Maloney                               33.650s (10/11/18)

Kristian Boodoosingh                      33.751s (16/11/19)

William Myers                               33.774s (16/11/19)

Isa Deen                                     33.905s (10/11/18)

Horatio Brown                              35.071s (16/11/19)


Calvin Ming                                  33.121s (11/11/18)

Kristian Jeffrey                             33.314s (11/11/18)

Zane Maloney                               33.331s (17/11/19)

Stuart Maloney                             33.536s (11/11/18)

William Myers                               33.660s (17/11/19)

Sean Maloney                               33.689s (11/11/18)

Luke Bhola                                   33.725s (11/11/18)

Kristian Boodoosingh                      33.925s (11/11/18)

Mark Vieira                                  33.977s (11/11/19)

Mark Maloney                               34.212s (17/11/19)

Isa Deen                                     34.262s (11/11/18)

Horatio Brown                              34.921s (17/11/19)

Guyana Motor Racing & Sports Club (GMR&SC)
Track Length: 
1.26 km
Qualifying Record: 
Driver Name: 
Zane Maloney (BAR)
137.99 km/h
Saturday, November 16, 2019
Race Record: 
Driver Name: 
Calvin Ming (GUY)
136.42 km/h
Sunday, November 11, 2018
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