Frankie Boodram Wallerfield International Raceway

Now named for Trinidad & Tobago’s most successful circuit racer Frankie Boodram – he was a prime mover behind the venue reopening in 2014 - the site of the twin island state’s racetrack was first named after United States Army Air Corps Major Alfred J Waller. Around 20 miles from the capital Port of Spain, this former USAF World War II air base was decommissioned in 1949, after which it became a home for various types of racing, hosting the first round of the Caribbean Motor Racing Championship (CMRC) in 1990. Commercial and political challenges have made for an uncertain history in recent years, but circuit and drag racing currently thrive.

Best laps - Qualifying

Mark Maloney                               40.310s (23/06/18)

Stuart Maloney                             40.755s (23/06/18)

Mark Vieira                                  41.261s (23/06/18)

Suleman Esuf                               41.281s (23/06/18)

Isa Deen                                     41.596s (23/06/18)

Sean Maloney                               43.490s (23/06/18)


Isa Deen                                     37.964s (24/06/18)

Mark Maloney                               38.048s (24/06/18)

Suleman Esuf                               38.049s (24/06/18)

Stuart Maloney                             38.256s (24/06/18)

Sean Maloney                               38.503s (24/06/18)

Mark Vieira                                  38.951s (24/06/18)


Trinidad & Tobago Automobile Sports Association (TTASA)
Track Length: 
1.40 km
Qualifying Record: 
Driver Name: 
Mark Maloney (BAR)
125.03 km/h
Saturday, June 23, 2018
Race Record: 
Driver Name: 
Isa Deen (T&T)
132.76 km/h
Sunday, June 24, 2018
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