Bushy Park International Circuit

With racing under way in Guyana and Trinidad in the late 1960s, Barbados needed a racetrack. The island’s sole organiser, the Barbados Rally Club (BRC), created a one-off at Chancery Lane in August 1971, then ‘Bizzy’ Williams offered land at Bushy Park; an Independence race meet was run on a dirt track, with the tarmac circuit opening for Easter 1972. First closed by the mid-‘70s fuel crisis, the venue opened and closed twice again before coming in to its own in the late ‘90s. Around 11 miles from the capital Bridgetown, the facility is now the leading circuit-racing facility in the English-speaking Caribbean after a major redevelopment over the winter of 2013-’14.

Best laps - Qualifying

Zane Maloney                               57.660s (15/03/20)

Sean Maloney                               58.221s (28/01/18)

Mark Maloney                               58.285s (27/01/18)

Kristian Jeffrey                             58.318s (02/09/17)

Suleman Esuf                               58.351s (28/01/18)

Stuart Maloney                             58.375s (28/01/18)

Kristian Boodoosingh                      58.622s (15/03/20)

Calvin Ming                                  59.080s (23/01/16)

Luke Bhola                                   59.129s (15/03/20)

William Myers                               59.217s (10/06/19)

Mark Vieira                                  59.735s (12/09/15)

Horatio Brown                              60.486s (29/04/19)

Raymond Seebarran                      60.793s (15/03/20)

Stuart Johnson                             61.948s (31/08/19)


Zane Maloney                               58.086s (15/03/20)

Mark Maloney                               58.113s (03/09/17)

Sean Maloney                               58.122s (27/01/18)

Suleman Esuf                               58.150s (27/01/18)

Stuart Maloney                             58.184s (27/01/18)

Kristian Jeffrey                             58.390s (03/09/17)

Kristian Boodoosingh                      58.836s (15/03/20)

Calvin Ming                                  59.062s (24/01/16)

William Myers                               59.088s (10/06/19)

Luke Bhola                                   59.198s (10/06/19)

Mark Vieira                                  59.678s (14/06/15)

Raymond Seebarran                      60.268s (15/03/20)

Horatio Brown                              60.413s (29/04/19)

Stuart Johnson                             60.762s (01/09/19)

Bushy Park Motor Sports Inc (BPMSI)
Track Length: 
2.01 km
Qualifying Record: 
Driver Name: 
Zane Maloney (BAR)
125.49 km/h
Sunday, March 15, 2020
Race Record: 
Driver Name: 
Zane Maloney (BAR)
124.61 km/h
Sunday, March 15, 2020
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