Samantha Summerbell Joins the Suzuki Swift Cup

Samantha Summerbell Joins the Suzuki Swift Cup


“For as long as I can remember, racing has not only been a sport to me but my passion and a way of life.” – Samantha Summerbell. 

The firstborn of the third generation of one of the most renown families involved in motorsports in the Caribbean, Samantha's journey over her short racing career has been nothing short of remarkable. 

Graduating from modified Barbie Fisher Price Quads and PeeWee 50 Dirt Bikes as a child to becoming the youngest driver ever at the famous Dover Raceway to win a race, she still lists among her most prominent childhood memories of racing, sitting in the lap of her father (five-time CMRC Champion, David Jr.) behind the wheel of his race car, trying to steer while he waved the checkered flag on the cool-down lap after he';d won a race. 

 “Many will say racing is in my blood.”

 As the youngest and one of a few female circuit drivers currently racing at Dover Raceway in Jamaica, Samantha's racing career commenced in January 2008, at the age of thirteen. After only a few times driving a go-kart, she competed in her first go-kart meet at the Palisadoes Track in Kingston. Satisfyingly, she finished fourth (4th) in her three (3) races that day, and went on to compete in every race meet for the next two (2) years. 

As her driving techniques improved dramatically, resulting in faster lap times, she began to finish in the top three, eventually winning her first 1st place trophy at the Caribbean Karting Carnival at Palisadoes in July 2008 and broke the track record that same meet, with a time of 58.415 on Mojo Tires. The year after, improvement continued and she began to win races and podium places.

“I have grown to not only worship cars and racing, but to love the speed, the competitiveness and the adrenaline rush that comes with it”.

After taking an extended break due to school commitments, she got her first racecar – a race-prepped Honda Civic - and immediately began the transition from kart to full circuit racing at Dover Raceway at the opening Easter Meet of 2012. She did a learner's driving “crash course”, mastering clutch work on a manual-shift vehicle on the two-hour drive from Kingston to the racetrack in St. Ann, and only had a week of practice before her first race. 

Despite this “handicap”, her racing skills honed over years of competition in karting served her well, as she still managed to finish second in her first race in the Bracket 38 Class - under rainy conditions – as the youngest driver ever to race at Dover. 

Since then, her driving techniques have improved dramatically and continue to do so, finishing with many podium positions and faster lap times at Dover Raceway. 

She also represented Jamaica in the FIA Young Driver Excellence Academy's regional selection event in the Americas in 2013, as the only female out of 12 of the best within the region. This program was aimed to develop her motorsport career through training sessions both on and off the track. Track sessions involved driving legend cars, and off-track sessions involved fitness activities and classroom lectures focused on car dynamics, nutrition, teamwork, sponsorship and media. 


Racing Highlights:


  • 1st overall in International Meet (Caribbean Karting Carnival July 2008)
  • Broke track record (58.415) on Mojo Tires at Caribbean Karting Carnival July 2008. Track record still stands today 
  • Began circuit racing at Dover Raceway in April 2012 as youngest driver to every compete. Also, was the only female racing at that time. 
  • Heroes of Speed October 2012 – 1st place Bracket 38. Youngest person to win a race at Dover. 
  • ‘Rookie of the Year 2012'; for Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club 2012
  • National Sportsman and Sportswoman Award for Athlete of the Year for Motorsports 2013
  • Certificate completing FIA Institute Young Driver Excellence Academy Selection Event 



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